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Unfinished business

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Uh, oh.  I’m way behind schedule. I have a habit of starting new projects all pumped up and carrying a glowing vision in my mind of what the results will be.  Nine times out of ten, I get lured away to the next shiny thing that catches my eye and leave the first project languishing in the cemetery of good intentions.


My drawers are stuffed with needle point projects begun as long as 20 years ago, but never finished.  Then there’s book I began three years ago and have an April deadline with the publisher.  All it needs is a good editing, but I don’t have time to do it because I’m right in the middle of a redo of my home office into a breakfast room.  And so on, and on, and on….

Take this short quiz and see if you have a similar problem of loving to launch new ambitious projects then walking away before dotting the last “I” and crossing the last “’t”.

I.   What are the things you want to start but haven’t started?

2.  What are the things you want to change but haven’t changed?

3.  What are the things you  want to stop but haven’t stopped?

4.  What are some things you started but haven’t finished?

5.  What are the things you want to say but haven’t said?

6.  What are the things you want to learn but haven’t learned?

7.  What are the feelings you have but haven’t expressed?

Don’t agonize over what to write, just put down whatever comes to mind. You might be surprised, amused, and maybe the results will motivate you to begin again.  At least it will help fill in the gap between where you are and where you’d like to be.

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