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bad rebel

I haven’t had time to post anything on the Deluded website for a while for one simple reason.  I’ve been out walking my 14-year old Boston Terrier – pretty much around the clock.  And for not his health and sanity.  For mine.

Poor ole Rebel Dawg has become incontinent, stone deaf and pretty much blind. But just because my best friend has made my life inconvenient doesn’t make me love him any less.  It HAS forced me to rethink my life along with my heretofore questionable possession of any sophistication whatsoever.

That white shag rug I bought three months ago is now riddled with yellow patches and my  beautiful Chevron patterned rug has gone to the curb. My once beautiful hardwood floors have gone dull with all the vinegar and paper towels used in a vain attempt to keep up with a clean up equal to the Gulf oil spill.

Does anyone out there know what to do about this growing problem!

I can give you a few tips and I’m open to more suggestions.

  1. Don’t have nice things. Kidding. Kind of. Just consider that you might want to put off buying that white couch until later. That goes for that beautiful, expensive white Pottery Barn rug too. Just sayin’.
  2. If you have wood floors and already have a super nice, expensive area rug, you might want to roll it up and store it in the basement. You can get nice, cheap area rugs at the Palmer Home resale store in my area. . Area rugs are also great for protecting your installed carpeting if the stains become too challenging..
  3. Take your pooch to the Vet (This should have been Number one because there may be a medical reason for the sudden return to puppy like behavior. That wasn’t the case with Rebel. He has just grown elderly and I have night mares about the two of us using the kitchen as the indoor bath as we grow old(er together.  .
  4. Save all your old towels with ragged edges for clean up – then you can throw them away.
  5. Have a pet soil and odor cleaner for carpet handy.  If you have wood floors, don’t forget to check under the rugs for dampness once you are done cleaning it. I like to put down a potty pad to soak up extra moisture from the rug while it dries.
  6. Oh, and place potty pads all around the house.  He hasn’t yet discovered their use yet because he probably doesn’t smell either.

I know it’s frustrating to have to clean up after your old dog all of the time but I decided it was time to change my attitude. Cleaning up after him is just part of my life as a dog owner now. Getting stressed about it is not going to fix it and getting angry with him is inappropriate. I am lucky to still have him around and I remind myself of that every time i discover a new “infraction:”. . That makes it easier to deal with.

Oh, and people who don’t like dogs anyway never come see me anymore.  Their noses are too sensitive I guess.

Have you ever dealt with a senior dog that was once potty trained and started going in the other direction? Do you have any tips to share? I’m desperate. This is new territory for me so any tips or advice helps. On the brighter side,  I have lost eight pounds since I began walking him every hour.

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