Up for some taste tripping?

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We had an interesting evening at the Jones house tonight.  Passing the time waiting for Santa, we tried an experiment known as a Miracle berry.

Have you heard of these yet?  They miraculously change the taste of sour or bitter foods.

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My son Braddock ordered some of the tablets off the internet and we tried them out.  A lemon assumed a sweet flavor and straight  vinegar tasted more like Kool-aid.  

The effects can last up to an hour and we tried sour pickles, sauerkraut (tasted like fruit salad) and Tabasco straight up.  Every thing tasted sweet and pleasant.  We tried drinking Tabasco and it tasted like a pina colado.  Straight vinegar went down smooth as Christmas eggnog.

Though they were first documented by a French dude in 1725, they’d been consumed for many generations.  By making sour and bitter foods taste sweet. "But how?" The truth is, science doesn’t completely know (it has something to do with the protein miraculin that bonds to your taste buds, but the exact cause is still a mystery). But the berries work, and it’s a miracle.

Apparently, the latest craze is throwing flavor tripping parties.   Everyone gets a dose of Miracle Berry, and then you taste things. You can even help your diet with Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets – healthy yucky foods will taste like candy and you won’t crave sugar-laden (i.e. fattening) candy anymore. See…it’s a miracle!

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Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets

  • Dissolve half a tablet on your tongue and sour and bitter foods will taste sweet
  • Flavor-bending effects can last up to 1 hour
  • No harmful side effects (other than wanting more)
  • Each tablet is 3/8" in diameter and is two servings (10 tablets/20 servings per box)
  • Take 1/2 a tablet – or take a whole one for a more intense experience
  • Ingredients: Miracle Berry powder and corn starch – nothing else!

One thought on “Up for some taste tripping?

  1. Of all the people I’ve told about this berry, you are the first one I know of who knows about it. I bought the plant in the early spring and just waiting for it to grow. Don’t know how long it takes to produce, but hope it does before I die. lol

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