Update on killing Le Creuset

le creuset

I have become known as the girl who managed to destory a Le Creuset pot in a single use. I’m surprised WCBI hasn’t called me for an interview on how I managed to perform such a feat.

It’s taken years, but today the company finally lived up to its promise to replace any Le Creuset destroyed by customers.   (They never dreamed it would actually happen.)

potIt’s been at least two years since I  burned up the once thought impermeable, and very pricey line of cookware.   I didn’t have much luck with the company in getting them to live up to their guarantee until “Thyme,” a local gourmet shop, opened in my town. 

Thanks to Foley Bell, the owner, I received the new pot today.  Okay so it was purple, and my original was white, but that’s okay. 

Even though I’m happy to get the replacement, I doubt I will be buying more pieces because they weigh more than the Statue of Liberty..  One could easily break a foot or kill a cat if it should be dropped. 

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