Uptight? Take a time out without guilt

time out

Last week I lost my place in the world along with all peace of  mind. Sometimes the world crowds in on us like that and we want to go screaming into the night.  Instead, I took a time out not unlike Coach Newell used to make us do in high school.

mo timeout

Except Coach had a perverse and painful way to teaching us a lesson.  He would draw a circle on the blackboard just slightly higher than we could reach comfortably.  We were instructed to put our noses in that circle which required standing on our tippy toes for what seemed like an eternity.   Believe me, we never committed whatever infraction we’d been punished for again!

So revisiting the “time-out theme” to regain my equilibrium, I shut all my curtains, unplugged the telephone and engaged in some  mindless activities – a little reading, a lot of movie watching, an extended bubble bath and no small amount of napping. I denied myself the need to clean up anything or do any of my million of “to-tos and to-don’ts.” In fact I didn’t see one soul except for my two favorite people -Brenda and Marilyn. Brenda checked to make sure I wasn’t dead and Marilyn brought homegrown tomatoes from the Macon farmer who raises an early hydroponic crop.  They had all the mid-July signature sweetness and just right degree of acidity.

I emerged this morning from my self-imposed hibernation refreshed and ready for anything.  Looking back, yesterday was the loveliest, most non-productive day I’ve ever spent. So positive was the result, that I’ve decided to give myself one day a week to repeat the “time out”.  I think Sundays were originally designed for such rest, relaxation and introspection, but we took the day for granted and spoiled it the way we typically do anything we don’t cherish until we find ourselves without it.   Try it.  The world can do without you for one day no matter how important you think you are…..

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