Vicki’s secret is out – its undies could be dangerous.


ABC reported this morning that Victoria’s Secret may face a class action lawsuit as a result of painful side effects customers attributed to its bras. I noticed Diane Sawyer looked a little “itchy” while delivering the report.

I don’t doubt this at all, because I experienced a similar reaction from wearing a pair of Chinese made shoes. Now, be assured I didn’t wear them on my chest – but on my feet. I called it the Red China Foot Syndrome and it rendered me immobile for several days last fall. I thought I was going to have to wear my house slippers to Mississippi State’s bowl game in Little Rock.

The symptoms include extreme redness and rashes, itching, hives and permanent scarring. Even today, my left foot is still red.

A lawsuit is being filed against the company in relation to the Angels Secret Embrace and Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bras (you’ll look like you’ve been hot-wired). I wonder if I should try to jump on board.

My problem occurred after wearing some slip on shoes while my son and I were erecting my new greenhouse out back last November. We had several warmish days and I wore the shoes without socks. The next morning I woke up with huge welts on the tops of my feet. I rushed to the doctor who gave me some medication along with a shot. But wearing any kind of shoes for about two weeks was very painful.

I understand the bras tested positive for the chemical formaldehyde. I guess we paid extra for that. Betcha my shoes contained the same thing. I remember thinking at the time, I’d best not purchase any jeans made in China. That would be miserable!

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