Vintage suitcase finds new life

papa 009

About the only thing I have from my Mother’s Daddy is his old suitcase…you remember the ones they used in early 20th century.  I had stashed it on top of my kitchen cabinet where it looked very cute. With 12 foot ceilings and a century old home, it looked right at home.

papa 010

I was getting annoyed with the wires to my girl cave television set which my boys mounted on a hanging thingy.  It suddenly occurred to me I could put that suitcase to better use.

I opened it up on the small desk which sits under  the television set.  Opened up it became a sort of secretary and almost completely hides the wires. I like looking at it every day and remembering my Papa Lee who was one of the sweetest and most soft spoken men I ever met.

I guess he could never get a word in edgewise when he was around my grandmother who had something to say about everything!

But here’s what I found when I opened that old suitcase which was pretty gross after years of accumulating dust and crud which apparently rises just like my heat.  After all, my kitchen is the greasiest place in the South after two fires and years of being a bacon eater.  (No longer, by the way.  I’m convinced the nitrates are at least partially responsible for my current health problems.)

The suitcase was chock full of old Southern Living Magazines dating to the 60s and 70s.  I had a wonderful rainy afternoon going through those magazines and ripping out recipes. 

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