Wait a second – not so fast!

Left- Here’s what I will be doing with my leap second.

Wait a sec before you pop the champagne at midnight. No, really.

The New Year will arrive one second late this year – a leap second, if you will.

The great minds who keep up with the Earth’s rotations want to keep our clocks in proper alignment – ergo, the extra second. It will be the 24th “leap second” since 1972, and the first since 2005.

Personally I’d just as soon 2008 end one second earlier!

If that doesn’t sound like a big deal, consider that in one second a cheetah can dash 34 yards, a telephone signal can travel 100,000 miles, a hummingbird can beat its wings 70 times, and eight million of your blood cells can die.

What will you do with your extra leap second? I just hope someone told the folks dropping that ball in Times Square.

2 thoughts on “Wait a second – not so fast!

  1. Wow Emily, that picture of you doing that artistic jump during your split
    second looks great! You truly have trimed down, well on your way to meeting your 2009 resolutions. Keep at it “young” lady!! Happy New Year!!! And I am looking forward to hearing all about the party all of you
    50+ ladies attended.
    David Evers

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