Wandering classmate finally comes home

hazel and john 006

Hazel – at right – is the one that got away.  Of all our girlfriends from Old West Point High School, she ventured off farther than the rest of us had the nerve or moxie to do successfully. We renamed her Hazel in third grade.

Actually, sometime in 1963, she took to calling me Gene and I called her Autry.  That’s how “country” we were. We roomed together in college and what a year that was!

hazel and john 008 Hazel lived for 20 years in Big Piney, Wyoming, where the winter temperatures fall to 20 below too many times to remember.  She also drove an hour to work each way in the snow and sleet to get to her job at Exxon/Mobil.  We’re pretty sure she ran the company during its most successful years.

One day, Hazel had enough and decided to retire and move to a place where she could play golf more than four times a year.

Enter John, her adorable husband, who she met on the golf course one day.  What a find! We decided we’ll all take up golf and go off in search of our own version of Dr. John.

Hazel and John are touring the southeast to reconnect with old friends.  They’ll be in Memphis on Thursday to meet up with Heard, George Abbott and Tinker.  We’re all relieved they will be moving back to Mississippi before our 45th class reunion.  And not a moment too soon.  She has lost her southern accent to the point we could hardly understand her.

Hazel is one Clay County girl I bet we can move back to the redneck category in no time flat!  Welcome home Hazel.  Glad to have you back in the country.

5 thoughts on “Wandering classmate finally comes home

  1. Emily, tho I was only a year ahead of you at WPHS, I can’t recognize who “Hazel” is. Just curious who the displaced southern gal is.

  2. You remember Linda Hazlewood! She had a sister, Pat, (one year older than you) who died about two years ago of cancer.
    So glad they are moving back to Mississippi.

  3. I had such a wonderful time last night. Seeing Linda and meeting her husband and catching up on all our friends. It is wonderful to be able to stay close to everyone. I am so excited that they are moving closer and Emily I thank you for keeping all of us together. You do a wonderful job and Marie I am so proud of all of your accomplishments. Love ya’ll and can’t wait to get together again.

  4. Hey Olivia- yes we missed you. Going to Meridian Saturday to celebrate Linda Barton’s Fifty-twelve. Beth Hooker is setting up lunch. Wanta come? I know weekends aren’t good for you. But you will find us at Dillards in Meridian at 11 a.m. We going to Cater’s market later.

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