Watch your back, Starkvegans


My friend, Stan Maynard, sent me a report of the following incident which happened last week in broad daylight.

This just doesn’t happen in our city, or does it? 

Laura Andrews wrote the following to Stan:

“I don’t want to incite a panic, but please pass this on to your loved ones and keep it in mind. I know this can happen anywhere, but it’s a little unnerving in Starkville, especially in broad daylight.

This happened to a woman I know well. I went to high school with her daughter and have spoken to both of them since the incident. It actually happened; not an urban myth. So, be a little cautious and cognizant of your surroundings.

On 1/21/11, around 1:00 p.m., this woman was in the Dollar Tree here in Starkville and was approached by a man who asked her for money. She declined and went about her business. She then went to JC Penney, moving her car to that area of the shopping center. When she came out  of JC Penney and approached her car, the same man grabbed her around the neck from behind and pushed her to the ground. When he moved in to grab her, she kicked him in the groin area and he turned and ran to a waiting car.

She got into her car, locked the doors, and called 911. Apparently there was a police car nearby, because he was caught before he got out of the parking lot. A woman was driving the vehicle and when police questioned her, she told them that the man had gotten out of prison about 2 weeks ago ( armed robbery conviction) and that he planned to rob my friend’s mother, then choke or stab her. Witnesses said he had been panhandling in the area for several days.

She is OK, but obviously shaken up. So, just be a little careful. “

Thanks Stan, for the information.  Always helps to watch your back so matter where you are….

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