Water, water everywhere, but is it safe to drink?


Ha!  I’m vindicated at last.  My children and friends have chastised me for years for drinking unfiltered tap water.

Look.  I lived in New Orleans during the 1980s and drank that stinky river water without any complications, so why would I pay $1.89 for a designer bottle of water?

Nevertheless, I just purchased two cases of bottled water at Lowe’s in preparation for my canoe trip.  It was less than a quarter a bottle. No wonder.  When I arrived home and was unloading the water, I overheard a breaking news report that Congress is looking into the bottled water industry, and has discovered that some brands contain more offensive chemicals than what comes out of my toilet!

I ran to check the ingredients in my bottled water. It was distributed by Deerpark which sounds very wholesome.   The ingredients listed ” water” (what a surprise), but apparently no one has to prove that.

Thank you, Congress, for ruining yet another perfectly good day. I’m reminded of a saying of my old friend, Jimmy Smith, who used to accuse: “Stepping on piss ants and letting the elephants run wild.”

Okay.  I’ll dump out the water and refill the bottles with tap water. Now, Congress, will you please go home.

2 thoughts on “Water, water everywhere, but is it safe to drink?

  1. Looking forward to hearing your report after you return from your canoe
    (really roughing it) trip! I agree with you on the bottled water. Knowingly,
    I have never bought any myself, and it has sometimes been a source of
    “disagreement” with my wife whenever she brings some home!!!

    Also, I don’t feel anyone can suppress you and your “boomer” friends! Go for it ladies I say!!!

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