Week two at boot camp – hanging tough


We began our second week of boot camp tonight and it was grueling.

We had several new people join our group but I noticed that Coach “T” was spending more time with my team – made up of golden oldies like Marie, me, and Cary Hardin.

I thought surely I would die during most of the session, but I didn’t.  Coach and his assistant, Pruitt, took us through our paces shouting words of encouragement. After doing 15 push ups, Coach said “Now how many women in Starkville have done that tonight?” Probably none if they are sane.


We did something called Icky kicks and Burpees – coaches have crazy names for every move.

We did 16 sets running up and down the football bleachers and had to lunge walk back to the starting point after each set..  That’s when my scalp started to tingle. 

But I must say, now that I survived the first week, I’m feeling pretty copasetic. The high I’m on is better than a box of chocolate chip cookies.  Besides Marie and I have our 45th class reunion in August.  We plan to be buff.

2 thoughts on “Week two at boot camp – hanging tough

  1. I went thru Coach T’s winter class last year. At age 75, I was the oldest in the class. Coach was always saying to folks who were watching us: “Guess how old that woman is?” It was the most grueling thing I have ever done, but I was proud of myself for getting thru 12 weeks of classes without missing but one day. I had to take Advil before AND after my classes. And now we hear that Advil is bad for the heart. Can’t win for losing. Hang in there.

  2. I heard that you did his course. Twelve weeks!! No wonder you look so marvelous. I missed tonight because I was at the St. Jude’s Golf Tournament in Memphis. He called just a few minutes ago and read me the rights. I can’t miss another class and must go run the stadium 16 times tomorrow. I think I’ll do it.

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