Welcome home Bari girl!

wood family

Friends of Margaret Ann and Barry Wood found a reason to celebrate tonight.  They threw a huge garden party to welcome home their wandering child, Bari Ann (second from left). Son, Bart, is at right and his wife Rebecca Ann is at left.

jenny,judy and Gerri

Among Bari Ann’s surrogate mothers are Jenny Sherman, Judy Webb and Gerry Orgler.

Bari Ann left the South to become a Yankee when her husband Marion Harris became an executive with Ford Motor Company in Michigan. I’m pretty sure he is responsible for saving the company while the other auto companies fell under pressure.

Since the Wood’s friends helped raise Bari Ann, they were all invited to remind her of her heritage and  southern hospitality – Little Dooey margaret ann and bariann 004 Style.  There was Southern fried chicken, Oktibbeha County barbequed ribs,  Dixieland turnip greens, South of the Mason-Dixon line macaroni & cheese, Vardamon sweet potato casserole, Mississippi green beans, Silver Queen corn, etc.  I could go on but you get the idea. Oh, don’t forget the cobbler and caramel cake for dessert.

I’ve often wondered about the Wood women – Margaret Ann, Bari Ann, and Rebecca Ann.  I deduced you can only get into this family if you have a double name ending in Ann.

Rebecca and bart007

Hmmm, Rebecca Ann and Bart, still crazy in love after all these years. They had good role models in Barry and Margaret Ann who were high school sweet hearts.

Martha, MA and Bari

Martha Chesser, Margaret Ann and Bari Ann.

margaret ann and bariann 002

George Sherman and Glenda Clark.  He keeps the men in town looking good and doesn’t do a bad job with himself. Ditto for Glenda who teaches dancing and makes us all wish we learned ballet.

margaret ann and bariann 021

Sheila Johnson, Martha and honoree.

margaret ann and bariann 001

Cameron Clark and his bride, now living in Bowling Green, Ken. even came down to welcome their old friend home. Now, if we can just convince Bari Ann to come back to her roots.

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  1. Em,
    Had a neighbor once with the middle name of Ann, and all her female relatives apparently were also middled named Ann, sooo…she named her cat “Stripes Ann.” Cuz

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