Welcome to my new world

Glory Hallelujah!  Can I get a witness?  I think I’ve been struck by lightening and don’t even care.   That, or I died in my sleep last night and awoke on some new planet where life is near perfect and nothing bothers me.

The woes of the ages seem to have evaporated along with daylight savings time. 

Listen. I’m not on any hallucinogens, just high on life – just awakening to minor miracles going on all around us.  Why this departure from my usual depressive condition, I have no idea but its a heady feeling.

Suddenly I don’t care that I’m five pounds overweight (ok, shut up – ten tops).  I don’t care that my 1888 cottage looks a bit “used” or that I’m $300 short at the end of each month.

It all began yesterday when I took a close look at my pitiful life with all its imperfections.  As I made an honest list, I felt a painful “Whop” on my head – hard enough to daze me.  “Ouch” I cried.

“Stop that!” said a strange voice from above.  I guess it was my guardian angel who has been away on vacation for at least two years while I gave in to the disease of aging.  She sounds a little like Charlie’s Brown’s love interest, Peggy Jean.

“You are fine just the way you are.  If you were perfect, no one would like you,” Peggy Jean said. I believed her and balled up my disgusting repetitive “to do” list and threw it in the nearest trash can.

Peggy Jean knew how to get my attention since I am a confirmed people pleaser.” At least I used to be.  I’m skipping church as I write this for which I feel no guilt or need to make up elaborate excuses (occupants of heaven, please don’t tell my mother.)  I’m having an attitude adjustment day and this is a necessary cleansing for life on this new plant.  I have come to believe Church can be anywhere, anytime.

I pulled out my journal as Peggy Jean began to dictate:  First, my requisite guilt trip “To Do” list:  “Dump it,” she said.  “You’ve been writing the same list since you became eligible for social security.”

There will be no more”To Dos” because they are the kiss of death.  It’s like I’m always trying to wipe out an inherent guilt for taking up space on the planet with all these good intentions which I never intend to do – walk 10 miles and eat kale washed down with keopectate to keep from barfing; feed the hungry, power wash the house, discover a cure for feather lip lines, etc.

Here on the new planet an undone list of crappy stuff lets the world know we have more important things to do. 

Today’s list – wander around the house and garden and make “someday list” of what can be done in 10 minutes or less and put a smile on the face of my soul; Pick one and do it.  I did it, and had a religious experience Ill tell you about tomorrow.

Now, reward yourself with one episode of “The Paradise” on Netflix.  If you haven’t seen this, sit down this instant and dial it up.  it will change your life. Of course, I’m not a terribly deep individual but the message I received was to create something from nothing. I did and it was a mini-miracle. 




12 thoughts on “Welcome to my new world

  1. I love Netflix recommendations.

    I ran into Phil and Maureen Dickerson at a wedding last night and he asked if I read your blog. Says he is coming to WP to see your dad and you.

    Off to The Paradise

  2. Hey Jona – hope you like as much as I did – even took notes to remember some of the lines!. Come see us,


  3. WHERE have you been???? No posts, and I’ve been needing your particular, wonderful, real view of life!!!
    Glad you’re back!!!

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