Welcome to Club 65, Lucille

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My oldest friend, Lucille Deas Armstrong, (not my oldest literally, but the longest term friend I’ve ever had) joined the rest of us today in what we’ve begun calling “Club 65.”  She befriended me 60 years ago when my family moved to this wilderness outpost called West Point.  I’d been a big city tot from Memphis.  I thought we’d be in West Point for about four days and move on.  In fact I fell in love with what I consider the greatest little town on the planet and will never venture very far away.

But this is about Lucille.The Class of 65 is turning 65 this year and one by one, here we go riding into the sunset on medicare and social security for as long as it lasts!

We’re dragging our green and white pom poms with us. Lucille and her husband, Norman, were greeted by many well wishes including Donna Davis and other friends who love her and celebrated her big day today.

Lucille's party 012

Among old friends helping her celebrate were left  Robert (Dragon) Craig and Kyle Chandler.




Lucille got the surprise of her life when about 65 (see, there’s that number again) of her best friends meet at The Ritz where we sort of grew up back when it was the movie theatre. We spent many Saturday afternoons in the cool darkness of the Ritz watching “shoot em ups,” and other B rated features which always came with a cartoon, a serial and the news.

Norman kept the gathering a secret, and Lucille had no clue.  I told Norman, it was a bit dangerous to surprise folks at our advanced age.

Lucille's party 009Lucille's party 010

Above, Donna Davis and Jim Chandler were among well wishers.

Tomorrow, another of our gang gets inducted into Club 65.  Happy birthday Carolyn (aka Lota Mitchell in our previous life).  Hope you have a great day and lots of nice surprises!!! Won’t be long now until we’re all in the gate — we’re planning to throw a giant party to celebrate our class. Gary Florreich, TInker Lautar and Bob Marshall are working on the date.  Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Club 65, Lucille

  1. I still can’t believe that she had no idea. It’s hard to keep a secret at our age because we forget and tell and sometimes we forget completely. We’ve have just a few more for our Club 65 to be complete.

  2. I’m heading into that club in October. Already getting a lot of mail about medicare supplemental insurance.

  3. Happy Birthday, Lucille! So happy you had such a wonderful celebration! Tommy, I am getting all that mail as well, but the rude awakening came when I received an ad, including coupon, to purchase my spanking, brand new hoveround!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, my dear and special friend. You’re just the sweetest girl in the world and I’ve thought of you many times over the years. So glad to see you’re doing well and I look forward to seeing you this fall.

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