Welcome to the secret world of Fifty-Twelve

ruthie, marie b'day

Okay, we’re almost all in – by that I mean my extended family of girlfriends from the West Point High School class of ’65 – who continue to waltz into the ripe old age of fifty-twelve.  The latest to join our little band of curmudgeon cuties are Ruthie Weathers and Marie Portera, pictured above with their cake.

Welcoming them are (back from left) Linda Barton Aultman, Norma Clark Atkins and Jane Edwards Scott (we imported her from the class of ’68 just to give her a taste of what it’s like to be a big girl).  Marie’s big day is today and Ruthie’s is Sunday.  Earlier this month we added Carolyn Blair Bentley and next week Beth Hooker Herron will join our aging fold.

Incidentally, Beth was the only Hooker in the class of ’65.  Funny thing though – in high school we didn’t even know the word “hooker” could be viewed as “unsavory.”

Now, the real fun begins.  We’re old enough to practically get away with murder, yet still young and stupid enough to accept any challenge.  When we do something totally outrageous these days, folks just chalk it up to senility.

But where was I going this this? What was I saying again?  Oh yeah, Happy Birthday girls.  It’s great growing “mature” with you!


7 thoughts on “Welcome to the secret world of Fifty-Twelve

  1. I think Jane is looking forward to the 50-10 years, she’s certainly off to a good start hanging with us. We sure haven’t had a problem waltzing into
    the next phase of the good life. Like they say, “Life is Good!” and even better when you’re spending it with good friends. Happy Birthday Marie,
    Ruthie, Beth & Carolyn! Age is only a number and who’s counting? Not me.

    Love you all!

  2. Y’all are truly “Steel Magnolias”. By the way, I love “Barton’s” hair!!

  3. OK girls!! I am having my 50-14 on Saturday!! Life is good!! Blessings Dear Ones and love to you all, pris

  4. Naw – you don’t mean it! I didn’t know you had even reached your 50 teens! Have a good one – I’m off to Nashville today to celebrate my baby’s 35th tomorrow. Boy, talk about feeling o-l-d!

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