West Point’s ‘other’ Santa


We revealed last week that the “real” Santa is from West Point, Miss., my little town.  He travels under the name of Mike Goree 11 months of the year and Santa for the last.

West Point is full of wonderful people, but now I hear we have another bonafide Santa serving the little children of Texas.  Actually we have another, but I’ll have to check with Conley Cox to make sure he is working Christmas this year.

Felix Estridge is the son of Bette McLemore Estridge and his father was (is) C. A. Estridge.  They are from Abbott (a suburb of West Point).  His mom retired from the “ASCS” office.  She was the Director for Clay County.

Bette died last year and his Dad died at least 15 years ago.  His sister is Marymac Estridge. She lives in Madison, works as a Technical Representative for Johnson and Johnson.

Ho, ho, ho y’all.


Felix lives in Wiley, Texas, and has been a Santa for maybe 5 years of more reports his uncle Chester.

He graduated from Oak Hill Academy and is around 48 years old, so he graduated about 30 years ago.

Felix has been the Santa at Neiman for 2 years.  He is the Santa at the Festival of lights in Dallas and also for many local parades.

2 thoughts on “West Point’s ‘other’ Santa

  1. I always knew that West Point was a “special” place! What a wonderful Santa!
    And I remember when he was born! I have neices and nephews in Dallas,(Louis’ children and grandchildren), and I will tell them to stop by Neiman’s Santa!

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