We’ve come a long way baby

arts councl party - glend and alberts 001

The Starkville Area Arts Council (SAAC) outdid itself tonight, as it staged its annual membership meeting in one of the city’s most beautiful garden settings. 

arts councl party - glend and alberts 006

Marc Magee and Kathy Ramsey are pictured on the sprawling Clark terrace.

arts councl party - glend and alberts 007

Staged on the grounds of the home of Glenda and Albert Clark, more than 250 people strolled around the lake as Mexican music played and guests sampled perhaps the most elaborate Mexican buffet I’ve ever experienced.  I think I consumed a whole flan by myself.

I couldn’t help but remember the early days when the council was struggling to establish itself and promote art in a college town which was focused on sports.

As one of the early council organizers, I recall begging artists to participate in our new event,  The Cotton District Arts Festival.  Today it has grown into one of the Top Ten Destinations in the South with attendance running somewhere around 30,000.  No more begging required!

arts councl party - glend and alberts 009

There was a time we could have held our annual membership meeting in a phone booth. Ah, but the gardens tonight were so much more appropriate for the Arts Council.  Thanks to many dedicated people, the arts no longer play second fiddle to sports or anything else. Congratulations on the Party of the Year in my opinion.

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