What a cute couple!


Today I took my almost 92 year old friend, Ben, to undergo a medical treatment in Tupelo.

This may have been one of my most enjoyable days in recent history – we talked about the Big War, The Great Depression and how he’s managed to remain married for almost 70 years.  His wisdom was priceless and it didn’t cost me a thing.

I listened and gleaned a great deal of information on how humans can reach ripe old ages and remain useful and engaged with life. He is an active member of the Starkville Kiwanis Club and walks the three-quarters of a mile almost every day to visit his bride, Dorothy, who has Alzheimers.

He attends mass every Sunday and remembers a time when he was the only Catholic in a small Arkansas town.

I asked him how he communicates with Dorothy.

“We play games.  She loves to make rhymes and I help her,” he said.  “Sometimes we get to laughing and can’t stop. We still have fun.  I’ve heard that some people have a soul mate. That’s what Dorothy and I are.”

So, as repayment for my taxi service he said he wanted to take me to lunch after his treatment. I was thinking Harvey’s or some other upscale eatery.  As we drove up Gloster, we spotted a Captain D’s. That looked good to him.

It wasn’t only good, it was great. We got a dozen shrimp, two sides and a drink for only $4.99. I think it came to even less,  since they gave us the ultra double senior discount.

The cute waitress was so attentive.  She walked over and winked at me and said “So how long have you two cute things been married?

I lost consciousness for a moment, but was revived by Ben’s gleeful laugh. Either he looks way younger than he is, or I look way older than I am. I refuse to consider the verdict.

2 thoughts on “What a cute couple!

  1. Emily,
    You’re such a joy to observe. I love reading about your exploits. Made me miss my own Daddy so much. Keep it up !
    A die hard Emily Fan
    Alice Prier
    Mathiston, MS

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