What a way to go

limoclass of 66 015

A few crashers from the West Point High School Class of ‘65, horned in on the class reunion of the Class of 66 tonight.  Crashing was tacky, but we went in style.

limoclass of 66 016

J. C. Weathers, son of our friend, Ruthie, showed up with a limo to take us to dinner and the reunion.  Marie asked J. C. to pick us up for church in the morning. (she said we were born for this kind of pampering.)

limoclass of 66 021

The limo was equipped with 60’s music and libations.  We toured our old haunts including the Big R (which is now an oriental restaurant) and the place from which we matriculated all those years ago – West Point High School. It seemed much smaller than I remembered.

limoclass of 66 024

The limo deposited us at Profitt’s Porch which is located on the beach at Officer’s Lake  where we spent many happy summer days lolling in the sun with the transitor radio blaring “Louie, Louie.”

Ironically, when we finally arrived at the reunion, the band was playing“Louie, Louie.” Music was provided by our high school dance group, The Torquays. Suddenly we were lost in the 60s again.

limoclass of 66 033

limoclass of 66 026

Outside the Ritz Theater where we practically grew up, Becky Cooper and Ann Carty posed on the hood of Becky’s vintage mustang.  I felt like I had died and gone to 60s heaven.  Where ever heaven is, I hope it’s got a community for the kids from West Point High who passed that way and still love to get together every now and then.

We got home by the time the sun came up and have a new experience to add to our big book of best memories.  Thanks to the Class of 66 – and Ruthie and JC!

5 thoughts on “What a way to go

  1. Emily,
    You go girl! Those pics of you guys are real keepers (and will doubtless haunt you for years to come!)
    Glad you had fun crashin’ da paty! You can crash our ’66 party anytime.
    As for me, I had more fun than a barrel of monkeys in a banana tree!
    Bayou Buddy Apperson
    The Central City Curmudeon

  2. Buddy you’re too funny. You should write a column for the Deludeddiva.com. I need a fresh viewpoint from the central city curmudgeon.

  3. Emily love the picture of Becky and Ann. They both look great. A big thank you should go out to Elizabeth for her dedication on keeping the class of ’66’ well informed on what is happening in the lives of all our classmates and her hard work on this reunion. I was not able to make it and regret it so much.
    I was in West Point a month before the reunion and saw Jean King and Carolyn Berryhill. We had a nice conversation that we need to continue one day soon. Loved seeing them. It was the first time I had been back in 5 years and that was a family illness thing. Those who live away from West Point know how hard it is to return after your parents have passed on. There is not the same reason to come back. I will try to come back more often and maybe Tommy and Carolyn will have one of their shindigs.
    Emily you need to give me a little information on what your blog is about.

  4. Ladies, “delightful divas,” may you always have the energy and inclination to join in the festivities whenever and wherever…the more the merrier!!! It was great to see and be with everyone even though the reunion passed as quickly as an eye blink!!! Big smiles of recognition and hello hugs, laughter and mischeivous stories, singing the alma mater, the Fight song, and Mustang Sally with dear friends are memories that will keep my”inner child” happy for a long , long time(or as long as the memory banks work anyway). Best wishes to everyone and let’s do it again!

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