What did we do before Google


I’ve been calling all over the country for weeks, desperately seeking someone who could refinish my old claw footed bathtub.

I have a confession.  I bathe in olive oil, but it leaves  a greasy mess in the tub.  Since a Clorox soak worked so well on my porcelain kitchen sink, I tried it on the tub.

My bad.  It turned the tub an garish  yellowish orange color  that forced me to wear sunglasses. I’ve taken to bathing in my guest bath room.

I’ve scrubbed it with everything from baking soda and Bar Keeper’s Helper to 20 Mule Team Borax.  The stain wouldn’t budge. I figured it was etched on for life.

Apparently, there is no one in my area who refinishes tubs, so I decided to do some more googling.  First off, I learned that chlorine bleach should never be used on cast iron.

But since the dirty deed is already done, I searched out possible solutions.  I received two suggestions that worked great and saved me a bundle.  (Refinishing bath tubs is pricey.)

The first was to paint on hydrogen peroxide, leave 30 – 60 minutes then wash off.  That took off some of the grime, but here’s the most surprising solution – Oven Cleaner.  One guy told me to spray the tub, leave it an hour and wash it off with water. tub 003

First, I did one small patch and went back an hour later, not expecting much.  Oh my gosh, the patch was white again. (see the difference at left). The rust actually just slid off!!

I jumped up and down with glee. My tub was going to be white again.  I still have some more work to do today to get it sparkling, but by tonight I’ll be taking a bubble bath.

Google rescued me this time, but beware.  Not all advice floating around out there can be trusted.  I got the tip for sprucing up the kitchen sink after googling “porcelain sink tips.” I can’t imagine why it didn’t translate to a cast iron tub – isn’t it coated with porcelain?

All in all, Google, has simplified my life and saved me many trips to the library.  Thank you guys, for coming up with a brilliant service for mankind.

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