What? I didn’t write no books!

18 wheeler

The roaring engine of a 46-foot, 18-wheel semi stopped traffic in my neighborhood until the driver could unload something I had ordered.  It was 30 cases of books.  What was I thinking?

I pretended it was a surprise but the driver knew better. It was my book “Love, Laughter & Losing My Key: A Boomer’s Survival Guide.”



Marie was there for me as she always is.  She thinks the book is worth reading. It will go on sale next week.

9 thoughts on “What? I didn’t write no books!

  1. Glory be. IT has finally arrived and like so many I have looked forward to this day for quite some time and boy howdy was I thrilled. Read it cover to cover non stop. Just could not put it down which is a rarity for me. There are not words in my limited vocabulary to describe how much I enjoyed the writing, art work, and receipts. What a treasure. I predict it will hit the best sellers list. It’s sure got my vote. Some fortunate folks on my Christmas list are going to be impressed with their gift. Thanks, Emily, for your hard work, sharing your God given talent and perseverance.

  2. Hey Nancy, Jane and Bev – it will be available on Amazon after a few weeks. It is now available at area book stores and of course at Rose’s Drug store in the Point, but it won’t be circulated nationally except in cities where my columns run. Thanks for the plug Beverly. I read it last night too and found one measley typo – I defy anyone to catch it!! Thanks to you all for your interest…

  3. Glad to know I can purchase it now before next weekends book signing.
    Beverly gave it great reviews!!
    Can’t wait to get it – today!

  4. Emily, just to let you know I’m driving from Birmingham to WP on Tuesday just to go to Rose Drug Store and get a copy of your book! Hope they don’t sell out! 🙂
    Good Luck with the book!!

  5. It will be at various bookstores in north Mississippi and towns where my column runs. Already on sale at Bookmart in Starkville and Rose of course. Diane I am in Jackson today and may not be back until too late to get any more to rose- they just called and only have three left – Norma Clark Atkins has a bunch – call me at 662-312-0832 and I will give you her number. If you are talking about next Tuesday – Oct 7 – I’ll make sure they have plenty!

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