What if…?


I don’t think the photo above conveys a realistic message….I’ll tell you why but first let me get a little philosophical on you because I ran smack dap into a puzzling conundrum this morning that left me breathless. First let me set the scene:



I’d been going all woo-woo lately after reading “The Power of Now,.”  I’ve been trying to smell the “blooms of the moment” and stop obsessing over failures of the past and challenges of the future.  I’ve been “living in the moment” and It was working pretty well until today.

I got up this morning as usual with happy thoughts.  I wandered into the kitchen and punched on the coffee pot which I had the forethought of setting up last night.   I shuffled out  to pick up my morning paper which has been delivered every morning for 15 years no later than 5 a.m. That’s when everything went haywire.

No paper!  Agitated, I walked back inside, stepped right into doo-doo which someone deposited on the floor (guess Rebel couldn’t’ hold it)  and found the coffee machine pouring boiling water on the counter top.. Apparently someone had not put the carafe back under the coffee basket. My thumb was throbbing after slamming it in the door and the “R” is sticking on my computer keyboard.

So here is the question that  I never thought I’d verbalize because I hate the word.  What if the present moment sucks?

Then what do you do, Mr. Eckhart Tolle? His premise sounds good but what he never addresses is what to do if the present moment is just awful?  Well, you do what you must – think about the beauty of yesterday and stat (see? the “r” sticks) – make that START the day over and think about the moment in the future when things will turn around..  So I wait — but someone stole the TV clicker and I can’t change the channel off Matt Lauer who is cute but not as cute as Charlie Rose who is more my type and I could seriously go for.

Life can go either way and change on a dime. Suddenly I overheard Matt say Fleetwood Mack is back performing together again after all these years and Aretha Franklin is about to perform “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.  Alrighty then….the moment is looking better and better.

3 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. I have morning like that too. But I am going to get back into your book and forget and laugh and enjoy the rest of the day.

    It’s just another day!

    Enjoy – love your book!!!

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