What to do if your Toyota can’t recall diddly squat


Overnight it seems, my Rav 4 Toyota went from being the toast of the town to..well, toast!


My nine year old vehicle was holding its value beautifully, and I had dreams of selling it for a price close to what I paid for it.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere comes the news of a massive “Toyota Recall”.”  It is affecting millions of drivers on three continents.

To make matters worse, as the announcement hit the air waves, my Rav 4 popped up her “check engine” light.  I guess I had the radio turned up too loud and she heard the assault on her character and reliability.  I’m hoping this was merely a cruel coincidence.

You may wonder why I have assigned a female gender to my little truck. That’s easy.  Have you ever seen a guy driving a Rav 4?  Never. She is like a delicate little flower and no man over 5’10 can fold himself into the front seat, much less the back!

I think this is just one more slam against women, and I’m furious.  My own “recall” is bad enough, and now they’re telling me my Rav 4 is having memory problems as well?  She’s not even old enough for menopause and its related memory lapses.

I took her to the car doctor and he said it was her catalytic converters.  I could drive her safely, but my gas mileage would suffer.  Now I have to fill up twice to get to Wal-mart.

So, what can you do to help your Toyota if she’s on “THE BAD RECALL  LIST”?  Above all, don’t panic.  She will “feel your pain” and may forget how to stop accelerating just when you’re coming up on a big intersection.  Then, you will be toast as well!

It’s probably too late for counseling, but maybe if I would clean her up and buy her a new pair of tires, she will recover.  I’ll let her know she is still loved, and hopefully, she’ll pull herself out of clinical depression and let me brake at will again.

If worse comes to worse and she can’t be rehabilitated, I can always park her in the front yard and grow pansies in the bumper.

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