What’s for dinner?

zucchiniSince I became a vegetarian I am always looking for new ways to prepare my vegetables.

I stumbled on this one yesterday.  I’ve been making pizzas using lengthwise cut eggplant slices but all I had in the fridge was zucchini.  I was really craving a pizza and cannot find whole wheat pizza crusts in this town.

pizzaI figured zucchini would do just as well as a makeshift crust.  It was actually better, I think.

I slice my zucchini about four strips. Brush with olive oil and toast them up in a grill pan or under the broiler just to get them partly done.. Top with garlic or garlic powder. Add sliced tomatoes (I like Romas this time of the year), salt and pepper to taste.

Sprinkle with mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese or mixed blend and any herbs you happen to have. I had some cilantro and it did fine. Bake at 375 for 15 or 20 minutes until the tomatoes look at little like pepperoni.    Of course, if you a meat eater, pepperoni is delicious on the zucchini.  I keep some in the freezer in case company drops by.  This can make tasty appetizers as well. It’s especially good with feta cheese.


6 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. Yummy! I oven roasted split Brussel sprouts and stuffed avocados …topped with parmesan cheese and drizzled with,,,,you guessed it, olive oil…

  2. Emily,
    I would be interested to see a follow-up column on what you eat to keep your protein level normal.

  3. Thanks Tim – will do a more in-depth piece on protein totals in my favorite “meat” substitutes but here are a few:

    Quinoa (love this grain which is relatively new to me) 8 g. Protein per serving

    Eggs- 7 g

    Beans – every which way but loose 10-12 g per cup

    Tofu (marinated in hot wing sauce and roasted is really tasty once you get used to the texture) whopping 20 g. Per half cup

    Leafy greens and chopped broccoli – 8 g per cup

    Boca burger grillers- on a whole wheat bun with mustard, catsup. onion, pickles and lettuce (takes exactly what I remember a burger tasting like) 15 g. Per burger

    Nuts – especially walnuts, almonds and chia seeds

    Cottage cheese 13 g. Per half cup

    Not all that hard to get more than enough in a day’s time. Of course most veges contain some protein but not as much as above. I bought some protein powder for smoothies but haven’t even opened it.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. You go, Emily!!! The hardest part about being vegetarian/vegan is trying to explain it to those who aren’t!!!

  5. Have you lost any weight? I know that wasn’t intended, or at least I think I know that. Have you noticed any physical changes?

    I want to eat more veggies first for overall health. Secondly, we have better lighting in the bathroom, and I want to get more vitamin A from veggies. Pericone, a nationally known dermatologist, recommends improving your diet as well as topically to change your complexion.

  6. Should read, better lighting, see spots, and crinkles I did see before. Seeing more has encouraged me to work towards a better complexion. Lol

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