When fries meet cheese, disaster occurs

Beware Chili’s Texas Cheese Fries with Jalapeno Ranch dressing
Whose idea was cheese fries? They’re delicious, sure, but really, did we need to top deep-fried potatoes with greasy melted cheese and bacon and dip them in dressed-up mayonnaise? No, we did not.

Now they’re a staple at chain restaurants, who try to one-up each other with signature ranch dressings, extra toppings and, ultimately, more fat.
Chili’s boasts: “homestyle fries topped with melted cheese, jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon & jalapeño-ranch dipping sauce.”

These fries lost the contest for the worst cheese fries in America (that dishonor went to Outback Steakhouse’s cheese fries), but it was a tight race.
One hundred and sixty grams of fat. One-six-zero. 160! (Oh, and you’ll get 1 1/2 days’ worth of sodium in one meal!) 2,070 calories!

One thought on “When fries meet cheese, disaster occurs

  1. You really know how to kill a dream……thanks for the info anyway. We usually have office meetings at Outback, and of course we start off with their cheeze fries. YYYUUUUUUMMMMM!!

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