When life hands you lemons..throw them back!


Life is full of events that can cause stress.  When several come at you all at once, the results can be devastating if you’re not prepared.

And usually, we aren’t prepared for the ugly little surprises that show up in our otherwise well planned everyday lives.

when life hands you melons t-shirt Believe me, I know.  The brakes on my truck are squeaking (wonder what that means?); the pillars at my side entrance seem to be rotting (that dang contractor must not have used treated lumber – no wonder he was so cheap); my taxes were double what I anticipated; and I fear I have a foundation problem at a rental unit.

Each little nuisance on it’s own is tolerable, but when they strike all at once, I get overwhelmed and can’t deal with any one of them effectively.

The results can cause what the medical profession calls “Situational Depression.” Unlike full blown life-long depression, it is usually short-lived and will disappear as soon as we adapt and take some action.

“Situational depression means that the symptoms are set off by some set of circumstances or event. It could lead to major depression or simply be a period of grief,” explains Kathleen Franco, MD, professor of medicine and psychiatry at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine in Ohio.

As I pondered on my “little lemons” this morning, I decided to take the Dave Ramsey approach and work on the least threatening and work my up to the major ones.  I will file for an extension on my taxes tomorrow and drop by the auto shop for a look at my brakes.

How do you eat an elephant? One piece at the time.  So forget the lemonade – that’s just a Pollyanna response.  I mean, how can any good to come from rotting wood?!

Hey, suddenly, I feel better.  The biggies can wait a few weeks or even months – at least until my porch falls in.  Look at the brighter side, my truck still starts, I have two other porches not rotting, and I don’t dread April 15 this year.  I need to go out and celebrate!

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