When your baby turns 30 something…..


wm's 39th birthday 028You may have noticed the Deluded One has been off line for a while. 

Spending time in Nashville with my sons has become imperative to maintaining my sanity – especially on their birthdays.

Every year they introduce me to something new that expands my horizons and gives me a new prospective on life. I am also propelled out of the ruts in the road in which I’ve been living.



This time we  built memories we never would never have imagined.

A Bocce tournament, earning a dart board championship and sampling  the smelliest fruit known to man were among our new experiences.


The Durian: That smelly  fruit can best be described as having a succulent, creamy filling but smelling like stinky socks.

Braddock and I drove home from Nashville with one in the back seat.  I’ll never be the same again.

The birthdays in our family are typically accompanied by memorable events – Katrina, the Nashville Flood, the Sunami.  Thankfully this year was calm – oh except they introduced me to “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  If you don’t know what that is…Don’t ask.

3 thoughts on “When your baby turns 30 something…..

  1. Aww CRAP. You’d think that a 75 year old would learn to proof before he hit post ?

  2. So are you saying you watch it too Chet? Really funny but not the kind of thing you want I watch with your children.. Have you seen Trailor Park boys? The all time funniest series I’ve ever seen. Don’t think it ever made it to prime time for obvious reasons.

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