Whirling dervishes and beloved boomerangs

I’ve begun thinking of us as boomerangs. We’re members of the elite class called baby boomers who were together from kindergarten to college. But no matter how far we wander in this world, we always come back together, and we’re 16 again. Now how many of you can say that?

Today I got my annual “fix” – well it’s become more like quarterly. Twelve of our tight little group (another four couldn’t make it) met at my place today for our annual meeting slash Christmas party, slash graduation party and collective birthday celebration in observance of reaching the ripe old age of fifty-twelve.

We asked Gertrude how it felt since she cruised by the milestone on December 10. “It feels more like three twenties,” she retorted. I like her attitude.

Gertrude and Betty Lynn (below) are late comers to the West Point, Mississippi- educated batch of city girls. They lived out in the country and only got to join us when city and county schools consolidated. Thank goodness they did… no group would be complete without Gert and Betty Lynn who we will call “Swamp Daddy” for the rest of her life. We call Gert “Buck Shot.”

Marganita chrismas 08 055

Marganita chrismas 08 061

I fear we have corrupted Gert (above) who, to my knowledge has never touched a drop of alcohol. Olivia brought a bottle of wine someone had given her called Ice Wine by Inniskillin. I happen to know this is a very pricey wine retailing for upwards of $100 bottle.

Oh Lordy. Gert stepped into alien territory. She took a huge whopping whiff and began acting totally outrageous!

The Natural girls.

Marganita chrismas 08 064

Ruthie, Gert and Barton are the only classmates who do not color their hair we learned. Gert doesn’t have a gray hair on her head – could that be from wine deprivation? Oooh, Ruthie, maybe you need to cut back a bit.

Lota and Gary, wish ya’ll could have been here. You are the only other “naturals” in our club.

We also had a wonderful birthday cake Norma ordered from a real live chef. Gawlee. Beats anything I’ve ever seen and we decided the face on the cake looked like Carolyn.

We also toasted Barton who was our “ground- breaking” classmate – first to have a child – in 1965 while the rest of us were still playing with dolls; and the first to break a hip! Carolyn won the title of first to have a great grandchild. How can that be?

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Marganita chrismas 08 059Don’t waste your time making the turnip green dip at left which appeared in the Holiday edition of Southern Living. It looked pretty, but tasted pretty awful.

The remainder of the food was fabulous. Of course, I prepared none of it. My girls brought the most amazing dishes – but Norma’s peanut butter balls got me on a binge that could go on all night. Knowing my problem she only left me three.

You can scratch and sniff the bowl of peanut butter balls above and dream of how good they are. Use your imagination, but even that won’t do them justice. Her Moroccan tidbits were also a hit. Notice, we moved the empty bottle of wine about to make us look sophisticated. What a day! What a remarkable group of friends. I wouldn’t trade them for a penthouse in Manhattan or a trust fund the size of the national debt.

Like they always told us. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, but the other gold.

My Chrismas gifts..

19 thoughts on “Whirling dervishes and beloved boomerangs

  1. Oh my gosh. I am sitting in my big old chair with chocolate and peanut butter running down my chin.Life doesn’t get better than this. Norma had to run home change clothes and get back to my town for a wedding tonight but you can bet I’ll have the recipe by midnight.

  2. Looks like all of you had a fabulous time. I am so sorry that I had to miss the festivities and being with all of you.

  3. Hey hon.. Did you read about how you got an award…the only other “natural.”
    I’m still tweaking the story. We missed you so much. We are planning another Marganita weekend to initiate Olivia. She’s scared to death.

  4. Once again you were the comsumate hostess! Your house was festive, the food was delicious, and the fellowship was divine! (I’m trying to impress Marie, our newest degree recepient with all my adjectives!)

    Happy Holidays to one of my favorites!
    Love, Olivia

  5. Glad you’re home safe and sound. Did you get the moving company to bring in the cheese? I love you more with each passing year. Remember,we are blood sustahs.

  6. Looks like you girls are having a great time. Merry Christmas and Blessings Dear Ones!! my love, pris

  7. I need two things girls – please rush order. Norma, can you send me the peanut butter ball recipe and Carolyn, I’ve got to have the pasta recipe… Yours was the best I’ve ever had and it was prepared to perfection. Mine always tastes oily! I’d like to make it for my Christmas brunch = was thinking of adding black beans and some other stuff. And Ruthie, I need your platter because the pasta looked to great on it!

  8. We’re always so much fun, aren’t we? It must be the company we’re in and the friends we grew up with; some of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up (present company included)!!!

    Emily, your home always adds such a festive and welcoming atmosphere for us and for so many others, I am sure. You are delightful as ever and oh soooomuch fun!

    Everyone have a wonderful holiday and a very Merry Christmas…it’s so wonderufl being with all of you. Love, Betty Lynn

  9. I had such a wonderful time celebrating with you all! Thank you Emily for providing your beautiful, festive home for sharing delicious food/drink and special moments that we can add to the wonderful memories we have shared over the years.

    We missed you Lota…hope to see you soon!!

    Love and Merry Christmas to all!

  10. Gosh, I envy y’all!! I’m know I’m “older” than you are, but I wish I could join in the celebrations. I love Barton’s hair. Mine looks a lot like that. I got a new cut this weekend, short and sassy….and silver.
    Jeeez I never thought I’d live this long! when the time comes for you other girls to go “natural”….believe me…you’ll love it!! No Muss..No Fuss… What is it they say? No runs, no drips NO ERRORS! Congratulations to Marie!! What an acomplishment. Have a great holiday season…..and stay sweet…..God Bless you all.

  11. There isn’t much left to say about Sat, as always it was great being with
    good friends and you’re were the perfect hostess! I emailed the peanut butter balls recipe to you at your yahoo address.
    I am sure Marie told you about Sat night, if not get her to fill you in. LOOKING GOOD!
    Thanks again for sharing your home as our gathering place.
    Love all your girls, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  12. Oh Paula – send me a photo. I would love to go natural, but fear mine would be that yellowish gray. I colored my own hair for the first time in many years about a month ago. Some of the color splashed on the bathroom floor and now my white tile floor is polka dotted. I tried everything but scraping off a layer of floor to clean it up. Wouldn’t budge. I think I’m gonna try using liquid paper to cover it up.
    Norma – thanks for the bon bon recipe. Will post it later today along with the crotch pot, er, I mean crock pot candy recipe.

  13. I had a wonderful time as always, Saturday. Just being with everyone is always so special. I’ll get you the pasta recipe (I’ll have to make one up, I never use receipes a little of this and a little of that). The wine was great and I loved the turnip green dip. Thank you for being such a wonderful host and making Christmas special for all of us. Also I am so proud of Marie. Merry Christmas and may next year be another wonderful year for all of us.

  14. Thanks Carolyn. I just had what was left for breakfast and it was delish. Doesn’t get all gummy like mine does. What on earth did you do to keep it all separated, yet still flavorful.

  15. As always – we had a great time and love being together! You, as usual, were a great hostess and everything was beautiful.

    I am so thankful for all of you and hope we have many more “gatherings”. Merry Christmas, Ruthie

  16. Okay girls – who left me the wonderful snowman and matching cheese spreader”? I found it under the tree today when I was sorting out all the gifts you brought for our adopted nursing home ladies. Linda, I opened your Christmas gift and laughed out loud. How great! Where ever did you find her – she is so me, well rather the way I was 35 years ago. She’s now the focal point of my kitchen tree. And Marie, what am I going to do with you. Love my treats. Olivia, your “Joy” gift was a life saver. For a bunch of girls who agreed not to exchange gifts this year, Ya’ll beat everthing, you know that? (That ‘s what Andy Griffith always says.)

  17. Looks like you girls had a great Christmas gathering!! I love hearing about
    all of the fun ya’ll have when you get together and the recipes are wonderful. Don’t let Carolyn forget to give you the pasta recipe.

    I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

    Love to all, Susanne

  18. Yes – Carolyn – where is my pasta recipe. Ruthie even gave me the platter for Christmas!!! Please hurry. I would hate to fill that beautiful platter with my gummy ole pasta.

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