White Trash Supper Club

white trash

My friend, Pam, and I were chatting Saturday about our latest diet.  We’re always following some program in hopes of finding the miracle cure for mid-life weight gain. (Okay mid-life has come and gone but hope floats).

low carb

Wish I could remember how to eat normally.  But we discovered that we’ve both been “low carbing” and having some interesting results. 

Certainly you’ve heard that cutting out or trashing all things white i. e. white flour, white rice, sugar and potatoes promises some very real health benefits.  Listen, this can be a very healthy plan and it seems to help with inflammation (a nice name for senior-iritis).

I’m in!

Hey, we said in unison.  Let’s start a supper club for low carbers!  We can trash the white stuff together and keep ourselves inspired.

Viola! The White Trash Supper Club is born.  Marie and Diane are on board and Pam and I are recruiting a few others.  We will hold our first White Trash Supper this month.  Can’t wait.

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