Why I became a “peeping Tom”


After refinishing my wood floors last week, I was so inspired that I spent all day yesterday redoing the rest of the house.  Well, all except for my second guest room and my master bedroom closet – I’ve got to psych myself up or get some drugs or hypnosis to get through those rooms.


Here are my rules for having a blast while cleaning out and sprucing up your house:

#1- Put on some music – the louder the better.  I put on some Keb Mo.  In case you don’t know Mr. Mo’, he specializes in what I call country blues straight from the banks of the Mississippi Delta.  If you can’t “get down” with Keb Mo, you’re hopeless.  I tired of Keb after about three hours and moved to Italian opera.  I sang along hitting all the high notes. Unfortunately I can’t talk today and Lucky Dawg and Rebel appear shell shocked.

#2 – Rearrange.  This serves two purposes. It forces you to clean the dust bunnies hidden under the furniture and change can  be refreshing. It gives you a whole new appreciation of your home and maybe things will flow better.


#3- Beg, borrow or steal some of those nifty furniture moving discs you shove up under the furniture to let them glide to their new home.

I borrowed Brenda’s and waltzed around the dining room, pushing my 500 pound armoire with one finger. There’s nary a mark on my newly shined floors. Unfortunately I smashed one of the discs  so I’ll be buying a new set for Brenda and I’ll get one for myself.   These beat a 6-foot, 200 pound man any day when it comes to helping move the furniture. They don’t complain or talk back.

#4 – Load up anything you don’t absolutely love, toss it in a box and put it on the street.  I read that if you pitch 27 things, you’ll open up space for positive energy to move into your home and your life.  I did it, mostly by throwing away 25 half burned down candles which I’ve been saving for some unknown reason.  Now I have two drawers cleaned out in my Welch dresser and things don’t fall out when I open the doors.


#5 – Now, this final rule may sound a little weird even for me.  Turn on all your mood lighting and after dark go outside and take a peak in your windows.  Yes, you’re going to become your very own Peeping Tom, but you might want to alert the neighbors so they don’t call the police.

You’ll be surprised by what you discover from getting this “outside in” perspective.  If something is not right, you will discover it immediately.  I don’t know why this works, but it does.  In the dimly lit interior, my little house looked smashing.  For a brief moment I wondered what lucky girl lives there.

Happy housekeeping y’all.

4 thoughts on “Why I became a “peeping Tom”

  1. Hey, Emily – you have me inspired! Were your floors “polyurethaned” before you “rejuvenated” them? or were they old wax hardwood floors?
    where did you buy rejuvenate?

  2. Hi Vicki – they were polyruethaned 14 years ago but pets and lots of traffic had worn them down. I was going to have them professionally done again but so glad I tried rejuvenate first. I would have had to move all furniture out and the cost would have been thousands! This way I’ve been able to do one section at a time. Still not finished. Doing final kitchen area today. This company also makes a wonderful upholstery cleaner and furniture/cabinet cleaners. I ordered on line but they are running a special – saw tv ad after I ordered – could have gotten for less plus special mop. I think it’s available at home depot – but I didn’t feel like driving to tupelo… I did a post with more info last week ..

  3. Martha I used two products – step one – Rejuvenate Floor Cleaner (for hardwood, laminate and all floors) and step two Rejuvenate High Gloss Eurethane based Finish. (You just squirt it on and mop it in with microfiver mop) The neat thing about this product is that you can walk on it within one hour but should wait 24 before replacing furniture. I would recommend ordering the mop and microfiber booties – I couldn’t find anything like that in Starkville and had to safety pin microfiber rags onto my sponge mop.

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