Winning shots captured on camera

Louisiana Iris,Mar. 20092

My new cyberfriend, Joyce, from Baton Rouge sent a few of her spectacular photos which are being entered in a photo contest. They sure look like winners to me.  My compliments to the photographer and the gardener!

Louisiana Iris,Mar. 20091

“I enjoy your website very much,” wrote Joyce. “I love flowers also, and I take many pictures all year and send to my friends.”

These pictures are from a batch she took for the LSU AgCenter “Get It Growing Calendar.”  It is an annual calendar with stunning photos.

She said the iris is blooming now in her neighbor’s garden (Grace Uffman.)  In the Country Club of Louisiana, Baton Rouge.

Makes me wish I had some Louisiana Iris. Do you think they would take to Mississippi soil?

Thanks Joyce.  Good luck with the competition.

Incidentally, I discovered a pretty nifty site at www.

It allows you to plug in your dimensions and get help before you start digging.  I wish I’d had that when I began building my gardens.  I had no plan for my hodge podge of a garden – I just labeled it a “Cottage Garden” and got away with it. But now I’m spending all my time moving ill-placed plants to new locations and trying to get rid of the dreadful monkey grass.  If anyone wants any, send a truck and I’ll load you up!

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