Xmas shopping on the cheap

duck tpaes

Let me assure my friends and family that all your gifts have already been purchased at the socially acceptable department stores which means they were probably overpriced and name brand correct.  But hey, you put up with me for another year, and you’re worth it.

Yesterday I was buzzing through one of the local Dollar General Stores and had more fun than browsing the Neiman Marcus catalog.  Every aisle revealed another creative gift idea like the designer duck tape above – and even other ideas better than the glittery useless things I already wrapped for you.

Here’s a sampling of what I picked up for an offbeat song:


duck tapeDesigner Duck Tape –  Oh my gosh.  This is brilliant.  I use duck tape for everything from re-covering sofa cushions to repairing an unraveling hem on my dress.  Now I can do both in style.  Every Christmas stocking needs a couple of rolls of these. They come in a variety of patterns and designs – I’m planning to wear one roll as a bracelet on Christmas Eve.  If I have an emergency, I’m ready, baby.


broomA sweet smelling broom – it comes soaked in the  essence of cinnamon which imparts a lovely fragrance throughout your house when you sweep. (Not sure what it does to your allergies.)

I bought one figuring I can use it next year for Halloween decorations.  I also picked up a big dog treat dispenser for less than $5 and filled it up with gourmet dog biscuits in the shape of humans.  How cute is that?


googooGooGoo Clusters –  Is it just me or are these little gems the epitome of candy in the 20th century?  They are sold by the box at Dollar General and the peanut butter are “foods for the gods.”

If anyone wants to buy me something I will treasure..; this, is it.  Of course they won’t last long but I’ll wear them proudly on my hips until New Years when I can get back on my exercise program.

duck dynDuck Dynasty T-shirts – this should be reserved for those folks you’re not all that crazy about…like your exhusband.  On second thought, scratch that –he’d probably love one.  He picked me didn’t he?

Gel Pins – Pick up two for $1.  These are great and as long lasting and smooth writing as the expensive cousins at the Office Depot.

hoistesss giftKitchen Essentials – Why not pick up a few oddwod items and create a gift for anyone who drops by unexpectedly.  I bought all the items for this gift at right for less than $8.  Heck, I hope I get to keep it because everyone needs new wooden spoons (without spaghetti sauce stains,)and fresh tea towels.

If you’re hesitant to shop at the Dollar General, I’m sorry for your loss. You can always wrap up a $5 gift in a $200 Neiman Marcus box and everyone will be suitably  impressed.

3 thoughts on “Xmas shopping on the cheap

  1. My wife dragged me into a Dollar Tree the other day and I was absolutely amazed at what you could get for a dollar. For instance they had a nice Santa hat with fake fur trim and all for a buck. Bought everyone they had. Good thing none of my immediate family members read DD or they would all be rolling their eyes and groaning cause they know I’m gonna make em wear a Santa hat.

  2. I can see it now. The whole Damron clan in Santa hats. They’re gonna hate you (and me). Never knew you were such a holiday junkie. Do you feed the whole town like you did Thanksgiving?

  3. No way; we’re only 12-15 people at Christmas. Our tradition is oysters on the half shell and a Seafood Gumbo dinner with champagne/wine (Santa hats) on Christmas Eve with the traditional Turkey/dressing and wine (Santa hats) on Christmas Day, of course preceded by Bloody Marys.
    P.S.- Don’t forget to keep count of the introductions at the Braddock Family Christmas dinner.

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