You can get in big trouble in the city

William Jones samples olive oils from around the world.

I love visiting Nashville where my son William lives. You can get into all kinds of trouble, and yesterday was over the top – I got to stalk some celebrities, set off the burglar alarm at a major department store and sample some of the most fabulous cuisine the city has to offer. This promises to be a memorable trip.

My family typically follows a strict routine during these visits. We do not unload our gear or sit down and visit. We proceed immediately to the Whole Foods Market so I can see what’s new in the world of groceries.

(I understand the locals refer to it as the ” Whole Paycheck Market” ).

This weekend we entered the Whole Foods market where our senses were assaulted by the color and textures unlike any I have seen in my home town. We were welcomed by a tapestry of purple artichokes which were beautiful to behold, followed by a baskets of huge purple emu eggs that sold for $19.99 each. (Bet they would make a whale of an omelet.) There were morel mushrooms that were priced at a hefty $39.99 a pound.

We strolled along beside Nicole Kidman and her beau, singer Keith Urban. I tried to take their picture but William took my camera away and charged me with being a dispicable member of the papparazzi.

Food samples are passed out freely throughout the store. If ever I become destitute, I will simply move to Nashville and live on the park bench in front of the store. You can eat your weight in samples and not spend a cent. I’m especially fond of the olive oil bar where you can sample some of the world’s finest brands of EVOO with sour dough bread.

On the way out I captured Nicole and Keith (we’re now on a first name basis) as they went to pick up their car, but you can’t really identify them. You just have to take my word for it.

4 thoughts on “You can get in big trouble in the city

  1. There is a great Whole Foods in Birmingham!
    Come for a visit and we’ll take a field trip!

  2. looks like you got your camera back, were you
    stocking them!! Is he cute??

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