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You can go home again

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Sometimes I want to kick myself.  Today I got a chance to tour what I consider one of the most beautiful old homes in my hometown. I passed that house, what…maybe 6,000 times during my youth and 5,000 times since then.  I never noticed the “for sale” sign in the yard if there ever was one.

A mother-daughter team has just restored what some may remember as the old Kornagay home on Main Street in West Point, and it is a stunner.  It will soon be on the market.  Marie, Norma and I are looking for a “sugar daddy” to buy it for us.  Seriously, Cheryl Sundbeck and her daughter, Kristen Stevens, have done a beautiful job of restoring the 19th century home.

Kristen, above, led us on a guided tour and I mentally placed every stick of my furniture somewhere as I walked through the yet unfinished home. One can dream, can’t she? But I fail to see Lucky Dawg, Rebel and me rattling around in 5,000 square feet with an apartment for a butler.

Judy Staggers (at left) conveniently lives next door so we dropped over for some libations before leaving “the Point.”  I’m always reminded of Mayberry when I visit my hometown.   As we gathered on the lawn, neighbors and friends stopped by and before we knew it, we had a full blown reunion going on.  Small towns are good that way.

Judy’s home was no less exciting to tour.  Her collection of prints from the 1950s brought back so many memories. Staggers Bakery, the old Court House, and the old depot came to life again for me, thanks to pen and ink drawings by the late David Malone.  (Side note: David was the husband of Linda Lowery, another of our high school chums.  He was killed recently in a highway accident on Highway 50 near town.  He was a great talent and there are so many more points in my hometown I wish he could have captured).

Clay County Court House- why, oh why did they tear it down and build a box?

Staggers Bakery and downtown West Point in the late 30s…I’m only guessing here.  Anyone know what occupies that store front now?

Who ever said you can’t go home again, just flat-out lied.  I am 16 again every time I drive over the Clay County Line.  I should just go ahead and move over there.  The old Bryan Home on the other side of Judy is also for sale. Hmmm.

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