You say Weiners, I say Wienies


No matter how you spell you, many of you will remember West Point’s baseball team from the late 50s.  The Weiners were forerunners of the Bryan Brothers Packers, a semi-pro team that all the girls in the Golden Triangle  had crushes on in the 60s.


We couldn’t wait for the new recruits to arrive each summer – many lived in a big old house on Commerce Street if my memory serves me (which it is doing less and less these day).

In fact some of us married a couple of the Packers, nee Weiners and I was in love with at least one named Al Unser – or maybe it was his brother.  My best effort to ID the guys above from left Roger Hill. Bucky Kellogg, unknown, Boyd Dingus, Skippy Taylor and unknown. Next row from left Bob Marshall, (Is that Billy Hamp Reed) Billy Damron, Albert Wray and Benny Bentley.  Back Coach (?), William Campbell, Travis Langford, Dennis FLorreich, Paul Hester, (Chuck Friend?) and Coach Cantrell. If anyone can set me straight, please do.

4 thoughts on “You say Weiners, I say Wienies

  1. Sitting-Roger hill, Bucky Kellogg, John Woolbright, Boyd Dingus, Skippy Taylor, Johnny Goode. Kneeling-Bob Marshall, Joe Portera, Me, Eddie Collum, Bennie Bently. Standing- Coach Harper Davis, Wm Campbell, Travis Langford, Gary Florreich, Paul Hester, Chuck Friend, and asst. coach Johhny Cantrell
    This was the Dixie Senior All Star team when I was 15 or 16. Bryan Bros. sponsored the Weiners and they bought new unifroms every 2 years. We didn’t have all-star uniforms so we wore the newest ones, “Da Weiners”.

  2. Good job, Damron. I missed a couple.

    And, guys, now we know about the crushes on the “semi-pros”.

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