Zig Zag dieting

zig zag

I probably have an eating disorder.  I’ve been on some kind of diet since the age of 13 and have lost and gained at least one ton, maybe two.

Some days I have to stop and think which diet I’m on before I can order lunch at a restaurant.


For those of you without weight concerns, go back to sleep.

A friend – who knows about my obsession – sent me some information on the Zig Zag method of eating and losing weight.  I found this intriguing since I’m a world class “zagger.”  However, I’m not convinced it’s not just a  strategy to spin the occasional binge.

The Curves organization reportedly recommends this method of eating if you hit wall in your weight loss efforts. Supposedly if you can keep your body guessing by bumping up your calories every two or three days, it will crank up metabolism and you will lose the lard so to speak.

My body must be schizophrenic by now, since I start each day low carbing and end on the pasta only plan.  But my friend claims occasional zagging was the answer to her problem.

I have had great a success with this,” reports Ann (not her real name).  “My weight loss was fifty pounds in six months and I experienced less problem with hunger when I zig-zagged.  My trainer recommended it.  After this initial loss I stopped zig-zagging for a couple of months and stopped losing.  When I went back to zig-zagging I began losing again.”

“Ann” said she alternated her calorie intake to average 1500 per day for the week.  That means you could eat 1700 calories one day and drop to 1300 the next, neither which are starvation mode.  I’m not saying I’m going to try this but it’s worth looking at.

Google Zig Zag Diet and get more information.  One site says to reduce calories by 2 per pound on several days a week and it will jump start weight loss.

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